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Schools Out! Keeping your kids safe during summer driving

More than 35,000 high schools across the United States will be going on summer break soon; and
between the pool, summer jobs, and hanging out with friends your kids will be driving a lot more. With
teens at 3 times the risk of being in a car crash, it is important to educate them on how to stay safe on
the roads. Here is everything you need to know to keep your teen safe this summer:

1. Make sure your teenager is wearing their seatbelt not only in their own car, but with friends too.
Only 60% of teens consistently use seatbelts in all vehicles. The use of a seatbelt reduces driver
fatalities by nearly half.


2. Have your teen come home by midnight; they are twice as likely to be in a crash in the early
hours of the morning. Plus, it’s the law: curfew for minors is 11 PM Sunday – Thursday and 12
PM on Friday and Saturday in the state of Colorado.

3. Encourage them to take their own car, having just one friend in the car increases crash risk by
44% and climbs even higher with additional passengers. Also, offer to drive around with your
kid; your presence will decrease their crash risk by 62% and give them an opportunity to
sharpen their driving skills.

4. Educate your teen to never drink and drive or ride in the car with anyone under the influence. A
DUI can cost more than $10,000, and the risk to their life is not worth it. Discuss with your teen
the different options they have including a primary and back-up designated driver, ride sharing
apps such as Uber and Lyft, and make sure they know it is always better to call home and ask for
help than to risk it and drive under the influence.

5. Teach your kids about distracted driving, the leading cause of traffic accidents. Being a safe
driver goes beyond following the traffic laws. Make sure your kids knows that being on their
phone, doing their makeup, and eating while driving is dangerous and can lead to serious
injurious or death.
Getting a license is an exciting time for your kids. It can also be an enjoyable time for you if you know
they are safe. These tips are always important to keep in mind when driving, but with the upcoming
summer sitting your kids down and refreshing them on what it means to be a safe a responsible driver is
always a good idea.