Metal on Metal Hip Replacement Injuries

Have you suffered complications from your Metal-on-Metal hip replacement?

Metal on Metal Hip replacements have been linked to many injuries. Problems occur when the friction of the metal on metal implant releases metal shavings and dust into nearby tissues and blood. This can lead to many painful side effects such as:

  • Failure of the device (breaking, needing early replacement)
  • Dislocation of the hip
  • Leaking toxic substances into the bloodstream
  • Loss of bone
  • Inflammatory reactions causing pain
  • Early replacement
  • Death of surrounding tissue
  • Pseudotumors
  • Metallosis
  • Cobalt Poisoning
  • Corrosion

According to a January 2013 U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) communication titled “Concerns about Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants.” Studies have linked metal hip implants to many serious complications in areas outside the hip. These reactions may be due to high levels of metals (particularly cobalt) circulating in a patient’s bloodstream. Potential risks include:

General hypersensitivity reaction (skin rash)

  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Neurological changes including sensory changes (auditory, or visual impairments)
  • Psychological status change (including depression or cognitive impairment)
  • Renal function impairment
  • Thyroid dysfunction (including neck discomfort, fatigue, weight gain or feeling cold)

For more information please visit the FDA website: – Resource 1 – Resource 2

Several clinical studies have revealed a higher than expected failure rates for these metal on metal devices and therefore they have become subject of several lawsuits. Some of the most popular metal on metal hips implants include

  • DePuy ASR
  • DePuy Pinnacle
  • Wright Conserve
  • Wright ProFemur
  • Stryker Rejuvenate
  • Stryker ABG II
  • Biomet M2A Magnum

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