Formaldehyde Exposure


You may be entitled to Compensation

If your home was built after December 1, 2016, you may be entitled to money damages. Claims are now being filed for homes that have been constructed with floor joists manufactured by Weyerhaeuser that are releasing formaldehyde gas. Contact Franklin D. Azar & Associates immediately to find out if you have a claim. Do not wait, claims are time sensitive!

Weyerhaeuser TJI® Joists with Flak Jacket® Protection

Joists are a system of supports used to share the load of a floor or roof, and are generally made from timber or steel. TJI floor joists are a brand of joist manufactured by Weyerhaeuser Company, and can be ordered with a fire retardant coating called Flak Jacket. These Flak Jacket coatings are intended to help joists meet updated fire protection codes. The formula for the company’s Flak Jacket coating was recently changed. This new formula has been applied only to Weyerhaeuser joists manufactured after December 1st of 2016. Affected TJI joists have a greenish tint, are stamped with “Flak Jacket,” and include a visible manufacture date of December 1, 2016 or later. Due to a possible manufacture defect, the joists emit an unpleasant odor caused by off-gassing formaldehyde. Weyerhaeuser released a statement regarding their TJI joists with the Flak Jacket on July 18, 2017. According to the release, TJI joists with Flak Jackets have been used in at least 2,200 homes. Construction companies that have purchased these joists include, but are not limited to Mattamy Homes, Richmond American Homes, Toll Brothers, CalAtlantic Homes, Shea Homes, and K. Hovnanian Homes.

Formaldehyde Exposure

Exposure to formaldehyde can cause sore throat, cough, respiratory issues, nosebleeds, itchy eyes and even cancer. Children, the elderly and those with respiratory issues are at a greater risk because they are more susceptible to the effects of formaldehyde.

If you have purchased, are living in, or have worked in a home containing Weyerhaeuser TJI floor joists call now. The Attorneys at Franklin D. Azar & Associates are standing by to receive you call 24/7. Case evaluations are always free, and there is no fee until we collect for you. Time to file a claim is limited, so act now!