Taxotere is a chemotherapy drug used primarily for the treatment of breast cancer. Taxotere received FDA approval in 1996, and has become a blockbuster drug in the treatment of breast cancer. Beginning in approximately 2008, several studies began to surface linking Taxotere use to permanent hair loss. Although hair loss during chemotherapy treatment is common, typically the patient’s hair will grow back once chemotherapy treatment is complete. Unfortunately that is not the case for patients who are treated with Taxotere. Worse, there is evidence that the manufacturer of Taxotere knew that the drug was likely to cause permanent hair loss, but chose not to include a warning on the drug’s label to increase their market share. Furthermore, Taxotere’s main competitor, Taxol, has been shown to be just as effective as Taxotere in treating breast cancer, but is not linked to permanent hair loss. If you or a loved one has been treated with Taxotere chemotherapy and has suffered permanent hair loss, please call the experienced drug and device attorneys at Franklin D. Azar and associates for a free consultation.