Unsafe Children’s Products

Children are our most precious commodity in this country, and it is always deeply saddening when we hear of a child being injuring in an accident. Every year, thousands of children are injured as a result of dangerous defects in products, toys, and playground equipment. At Franklin D. Azar & Associates, P.C., we understand how devastating it is when your child suffers an injury, especially those caused by defective products.

We can provide you with free consultation to discuss and analyze your child’s injuries. Although no amount of money can ever make up for your family’s suffering, filing a lawsuit against the responsible parties can help bring justice to families across the nations, and ensure you are compensated for medical bills and expenses incurred.


Although we would like to believe that children’s products are designed and manufactured with the utmost care, sadly that is not always the case. Every year, thousands of emergency room visits result from injuries sustained by defective and dangerous toys and products. Defective cribs kill nearly 30 babies and children every year, and injure thousands more. Defective products and toys that are most likely to cause injury to children include:

  • Lead-based paint on toys
  • Choking on small parts
  • Cribs, car seats and nursery products
  • Poorly designed clothing
  • Faulty playground equipment
  • Faulty swimming pool equipment

The designer, manufacturer, and wholesaler of defective and dangerous products can each be held liable for injuries depending on the type of product liability involved. Design defects create liability on the part of the company responsible for the original blueprints of the product. It is their responsibility to ensure that the design does not have any foreseeable flaws that may cause injury. Manufacturing defects create liability on behalf of the company responsible for producing the product or toy. If there are defects caused by the manufacturing process which alter the intended state or nature of the product, the liability can be placed on the manufacturer.