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Commercial Bus Accidents – School Bus Accidents

Our Denver Auto Accident Attorneys are acutely aware that bus accidents are a particular concern for the thousands of students that travel to school each day by school bus. An additional concern are the thousands of commercial buses that take visitors to and from work, appointments, and social engagements each day. In a state like Colorado, where public transportation is a largely used means of commuting, it is important that someone like Franklin D. Azar & Associates can help protect the commuters in times of injury.

What Happens When You are Involved in a Bus Accident?

Many factors can contribute to a bus accident. Our Denver auto accident attorneys at Franklin D. Azar & Associates will investigate the bus company and driver’s education, training, licensure, and driver requirements to ensure a fully compensable outcome for your case.

Did the driver have the appropriate and current experience, licensing, and training?

There is a maximum number of hours a bus driver can legally drive per shift. These laws were created to avoid fatigue. Fatigue causes drivers to have slower reaction time, make poor decisions, or even fall asleep. Because of this problem, the Department of Transportation has specific requirements for the number of hours a bus driver may drive before resting, the hours of rest between driving and the maximum hours of driving in a week, and the number of hours the driver must rest before resuming driving.

Did drugs or alcohol play a part in the accident?

What are all the insurance company and employer responsibilities?

Our Denver bus accident attorneys are highly qualified to represent clients who have suffered losses in all manner of bus accidents. Bus transportation is among safest forms of transportation in our nation, but when buses are involved in accidents the results are often catastrophic. The lack of safety precautions, such as no seat belts for bus passengers, is at the root of the serious injuries and fatalities that often are the result of bus accidents.

Many Factors Can Contribute to the Bus Accident

Our Denver bus accident personal injury attorneys know that there are many factors that can cause or contribute to a bus accident. At Franklin D. Azar & Associates, every possible scenario is looked at. Those factors include:

  • Size and weight of the vehicle. The size of a bus can make it more difficult for bus drivers to see other vehicles, especially when changing lanes or when a quick maneuver is required. The sheer weight of a commercial bus makes stopping quickly extremely unlikely, making accident avoidance more difficult.
  • Arrival and departure deadlines. A lot of pressure can be place on commercial bus drivers to make the scheduled arrival and departure times. These deadlines may result in a driver operating the bus at unsafe speeds to meet the deadlines.
  • Bus overloading. A commercial bus can be overloaded in terms of number of riders and total weight.
  • Bus maintenance. A commercial bus might not be routinely serviced, which can often result in mechanical issues, such as brake failure or missing safety equipment.
  • Weather conditions. A driver may drive too fast, or brake too slow and fail to take other safe driving precautions when encountering inclement weather conditions.
  • Driver attentiveness. A driver can be less than focused on the significant responsibility of driving a commercial bus by talking on a cell phone, CB radio, or dealing with a GPS system.
  • The economy can play a part in an increase of commercial bus accidents. With sky-high fuel and costs, more people are choosing commercial bus travel as their means for business and pleasure travel. This inevitably increases the number of commercial buses on the road, thus heightening the likelihood of commercial bus accidents.

If you, or someone you know, has been injured in a bus accident, please call or email one of our Denver personal injury attorneys today.